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Welcome to my website. Here you will find proof that I act professionally, am able to pose for face pictures and can even successfully make lists of credits and skills in the hopes of being hired. By the way, did you know that it is impossible to hum while holding your nose? Seriously. Try it. 


"Here, Peter's spunky, protective sidekick is played with girlish glee and an edge by the acrobatic and hilarious Jessie Sherman. One part little sister, two parts crazy ex-girlfriend and a big dose spoiled brat, Sherman's Tink nearly steals her scenes as the possessive fairy and rival to the sweet and motherly Wendy."

"Kids will delight in the screaming, kicking tantrums of Jessie Sherman’s Tinker Bell, who enters the Darling children’s nursery as a point of light, then pops out of their toy box as a furious little person in a tattered tutu, jealous that Peter talks to Wendy."

-Washington Post

Tinker Bell, as played by Jessie Sherman, was the woman of the hour. While the character of Peter Pan reminds us to hang onto our childlike wonder, something about Tink’s mischievous nature hit the spot for many audience members, perhaps reminding them of an exaggerated version of their own uncensored passions.

-Tui Snider's Offbeat &Overlooked

The trick is to keep the treat of humor close at hand. For Jessie Sherman’s show-stealing Tink, it’s impeccable, full-body clowning. No one can stay mad at this pretty, nose-wrinkling punk.

- Theater Jones

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